IT might have been a bit quiet on the chart front of late but there are likely to be a few battles for the number one spot in the next few days as several high profile acts release their singles.

Firstly, Atomic Kitten have released their version of the Blondie song Tide Is High, which will probably be bought by people who have never heard the original!

But the trio won't be without competition as the Appleton sisters will be releasing their debut single, Fantasy, taken from forthcoming album Aloud, on September 2. The single is rockier than the pair's previous releases with All Saints and is bound to be met with a lot of

interest from the pop world.

Coming from a totally different area, Nickelback have released their new single,Too Bad, which is likely to out-rock anything the Appletons can come up with, but will it secure them another hit single?

And then there's good old Enrique Iglesias with new single Love to See You Cry, which was also released on Monday. It's quite a catchy number and he has a lot of fans so you just never know!

But we all know what a fickle business the pop world is and it's hard to predict exactly who the public will go for. My money's on The Tweenies, who have released a version of the 90s dance hit Have Fun, Go Mad.

They might be brightly-coloured children's puppets with incredibly annoying voices but they know a good tune when they hear one.

COVER: Atomic Kitten

CATCHY: Enrique Iglesias