SINGLES - Trina -- No Panties (Out now, Atlantic)

THIS is the type of girl you'd love to take home to your mother -- one who says it's going to cost you to get her panties off. Doesn't it always, emotionally if nothing else? Anyway, it's a decent hip-hop track about someone prepared to do anything for money. Worth a listen.

Parva -- Hessles (Out now, Mantra)

APPARENTLY people who live in Hessles are out of their heads, awake and in their beds. Hessles is an area of Leeds I haven't come across before but as I believe the real United play in red, I'd better give it a miss, a bit like this so-so heavy rock single.

Lemon Jelly -- Spacewalk (Out now, XL Recordings)

THIS is about as close to a moon landing as most of us are likely to come. It's commentary from an Apollo astronaut about to land on the moon, over a mix of piano and keyboards to produce a Moby-style sound.

Luke Slater -- I Can Complete You (Out now, Mute)

AN electronic remix of his album track, this verges on The Pet Shop Boys' It's A Sin. Even when you put a robot on vocals, the similarities are uncanny, but it's decent. Don't know what Neil and Chris would think about it.



Out now, Chrysalis

SHERYL Crow meets Avril Lavigne for this west coast summer pop number.

But, surprise, it's a Glasgow five-piece, all under 22, with silky vocals from 19-year-old Esther Duffin.

Very, very good.



Out now, Mute

MORE robots. This electric pop track features robots uttering the immortal words "Take me to your leader," over a foot-stomping marching beat.

A bit repetitive.



Out now, Epic

DOES anyone remember MC Hammer's soundtrack to the Addams Family sequel?

Well this makes that sound good.

It's hip-hop, minus guns, sex and violence, etc, over a waltz beat.

It's labelled comedy. Survey said: X.



Out now, Chrysalis

THIS excellent rock track reminds me of the Foo Fighters' Learn to fly.

It's about missing someone who's not around and wishing they could come back.

The Coral -- Dreaming Of You (Out now, Deltasonic)

I WAS less than kind when I came across Dreaming Of You on The Coral's debut album in August. But it has grown on me, and the gravelly vocals and '70s Grease-style beat make it worth a listen.

The Vines -- Outtathaway (Out now, Heavenly)

THE album was Highly Evolved, but The Vines' latest single is more of a mutation. Well, maybe not that bad, but it has a punk rock feel that we've heard before and sounds a bit samey. The Vines play Manchester Academy on Monday, October 28.



Out now, Go Beat

MOBO award winner N'Jay's debut single, like a dodgy chat-up line, isn't anything to get excited about.

"I've heard it all before, now I'm bored." I know the feeling.

What are the worst chat-up lines you've used/had used on you? Emails to the above address, please, with prizes for the best of the worst?




Out now, Elektra

ROCK fans should feel at home here.

Sweedish four-piece Blindside's latest offering is flat out rock, with Caught a glimpse verging on the POD/ Puddle of Mudd, side of things, while Painting has a distinct Radiohead feel to it.

Rock on Sweedish dudes.



Out now, V2

FANS of fast guitars, thumping drums and screaming vocals, The Datsuns (or is it Nissans?) are for you.

The name is simple enough -- four blokes called Datsun -- but the music has a range of complex styles.

Sittin' pretty is very Jimi Hendrix; Harmonic generator is Mick Jagger; throw in a few four-letter beauties and you have it.



Out now, Southern Fried

WHAT drew 250,000 to Brighton beach this summer? Fatboy Slim.

And this is what the crowd came for.

With Fatboy and Midfield General doing their stuff to the likes of Groove Armada, Lo Fidelity Allstars, it had to be a belter.

The pics for me are Mr Cook's rejig of Xpress 2's Lazy, and All Saints' Pure Shores, the set closer.

Sounds like a fantastic night. Roll on Beach Boutique 3.



Out now, Interscope

PUT Steps on vocals, Dr Dre on the wheels of steel, and this is probably what it would sound like - hip-hop pop.

The parental advisory warning apart, the best bits are Thin line, featuring Nelly Furtado, as we look at that line close friends worry about crossing as they contemplate taking their relationship to the next level. The "Let's not spoil things" line.

The rest is what you'd expect on a hip-hop album, with moments of rap brilliance.

Gig review

IT was a starry night in Preston for soul fans when Edwin Starr and his team headlined a fund-raiser for St Catherine's Hospice.

DJs provided the support for the well-attended Guild Hall event, giving further testimony to resurgence of the genre.

The man himself was welcomed by a crowded dance floor, and proceeded to serve up a menu of familiar but well-received songs. War was one, of course and SOS, but after singing a medley of every song he could think of, Starr asking for requests, showed his inability to fathom the British fans' obsession with obscure B-side songs. I guess he never will.

As for The Team of musicians, all of a tender age, they seem (as every time I've seen them) to be enjoying themselves on stage with a love for the music.

Great stuff and raising money for a worthy cause too.

Brian Carr


CHICAGO-based quintet Dolly Varden -- yes, named after the trout -- will perform their new single, Lotus, at Telford's Warehouse, Chester, tonight.

It's country rock, with angelic vocals from Diane Christensen.

They will be joined by California boys Stewboss, who will be showcasing their new single, I hope you miss me, from their second album, Sweet Lullaby.


RADIO One listed Bury's Hanky Park as ones to watch after their outstanding performances in Manchester's In the City 2002 festival.

With endorsements from Steve Lemacq and Mike Crutchley, they are going all the way to the top!