SPARKS are flying on a Chorley sheltered housing estate after residents discovered a firework display will be held on their doorstep.

Elderly residents at Devonshire Court, off Devonshire Road, are angry that Chorley Borough Council failed to notify them about the display on Friday night (October 18).

The spectacular is part of the Chorley Town Centre Street Fair organised by events company Gore Dekoning. It will take place at 8pm on West Street car park, will last 15 minutes and is expected to be watched by more than 2000 people.

But residents living in nearby properties say it will cause huge disruption.

Bill Sumner of Devonshire Court said: "Nobody even knew this was happening until the council put notices up saying the car park was going to be closed and they haven't informed us officially. I think it's a terrible idea to hold it here.

"Most of the people living around here are 80 or 90 years old and the noise might really frighten them.

"Surely it would be a better idea to hold it on the Flat Iron market or the Coronation Recreation Ground."

Some people living in properties adjoining the car park were informed in a council letter last week but say they have not been asked for their opinion.

Sandra Croasdale of Lennon Street said the council should have given residents the opportunity to object.

"This display is happening right on my doorstep and there are a lot of elderly people around here who know nothing about it," she said.

Last year's display was held in the Friday Street car park near the train station which has no residential property nearby.

The car park will not be open during the aerial display.

Roger Handscombe, head of property services at Chorley Borough Council, said residents should not experience too much disruption. "The car park will be barricaded off and only used as a place to launch the fireworks," he said.

"The council had to find a site which was close enough to the town centre so people could see the fireworks but far away enough to provide a 'fallout' area for health and safety reasons.

"The West Street Car Park seems a good compromise and, as the display will only last ten or 15 minutes, residents shouldn't be too disturbed.

The car park is to be closed from 6pm to allow time for organisers to set up the display.