RESIDENTS of a famously named Chorley street are angry their sign is a target for vandals and thieves.

The 'Lennon Street' sign in the town centre was stolen a month ago and residents believe fans of Beatles star John Lennon may have taken it as a keepsake.

Sandra Croasdale said the street, adjacent to the West Street car park, had been a targeted by thieves for many years.

"There was no street sign when we first moved here over 20 years ago. The council painted one on shortly after but when the end terrace was renovated it was removed," she said.

A sign was then placed high up on a wall but was taken down after people threw stones at it to try and loosen the bolts keeping it in place.

Sandra said: "Since the council put the sign at ground level it's been vandalised and then it finally went missing over a month ago.

"It's annoying because if there's an accident ambulances don't know where to come. I wrote to the council two weeks ago but no one has told me if the sign is going to be replaced.

"I don't know if it is Beatles fans for sure but I can't see any other reason why the sign would go missing," she added.

Myra Martin, another resident, said: "I am very annoyed with this. It seems like the council doesn't really care about us.

"Delivery drivers are always knocking on my door asking which street they are on. Without a street sign we feel like we don't exist."

Other street signs with Beatles connections are also targets for graffiti and theft. Penny Lane in Liverpool, subject of the famous Beatles song, has its street sign painted on after being stolen countless times. And Abbey Road in London, home of the band's recording studios, is littered with messages from adoring fans.

Andy Goodfellow, head of engineering and transportation at Chorley Borough Council, said: "Name plates are continually going missing, being vandalised or damaged accidentally.

"The Lennon Street sign has been ordered from our suppliers but signs are normally ordered in batches and so can take some time to arrive.

"We don't know if Beatles fans have stolen it because lots of other street signs go missing too."

Mr Goodfellow said a brand new sign, featuring the council's crest should be in place in around six weeks.