PLANS are in the pipeline for the return of Chorley FM -- to go full time as a commercial based radio station to fill the town's airwaves with the sound of the suburbs.

The popular radio station which broadcast from a studio in Bolton Street throughout the town last Christmas, stopped, much to the disappointment of its listeners -- as it was only granted a 28-day temporary licence.

Paul Wilkins -- known simply as Paul K -- who was station manager at Chorley FM is now masterminding its return and hopes it will go full-time bringing the community closer.

Paul K, of Kings Lea in Adlington, shares the same name with Bolton based comedian Peter Kay.

Peter Kay's cult television comedy Phoenix Nights also featured a radio station, Chorley FM in the series, which Paul said 'didn't do their cause any harm'.

Paul, 56, said: "I hope to meet Peter Kay sometime in the future."

The radio presenter has his fingers in many pies, but really hopes the commercial station will be transmitting into people's houses early next year.

He said that as of yet the name hasn't been decided -- and in order to get it up and running they will have to apply to the Radio Authority.

"We have to prove the need for a radio station in Chorley to the authority," he said.

"Chorley is an expanding town and we really want to put it on the map. Newspapers, such as The Citizen, are one way of letting people know what's going on and radio is another.

"Chorley should have a radio station, it's a way of communicating to the people and I want to give something back to my hometown."

Meanwhile Paul is keeping busy with his business supplying radio equipment and roadshows to other broadcasting companies.