WHY all the fuss about the change of style by ex-US President's daughter Chelsea Clinton?

With a £660 hairdo, expert help and limitless wardrobe funds, most of us could turn a few heads.

As the weekend's compelling How Do I Look? programme showed, almost anyone can be vastly improved by chucking make-up/new hairstyle/fantastic clothes/cosmetic surgery their way.

The most impressive group on this supposedly one-off show (but let's wait and see, shall we) comprised an overweight darts team who went on a sponsored slim to reduce their huge bellies, with all the cash going to special needs children.

They worked hard to get themselves in shape.

Realistically, this is the best way to change your life. Taking the initiative to alter what you don't like about yourself means you can continue the change without having to rely on either pots of money or a film crew to ensure that you keep to it.