HE'S Coronation Street's current baddie, and he's still got a lust for blood. Richard Hillman (alias actor Brian Capron) is bound to kill again. But who will be his victim? Here, Angela Kelly gives the latest betting from bluesq.com

RICHARD Hillman and his wife Gail share a tender moment, but his face to the camera is a picture of evil.

The Corrie Killer is still on the loose, with at least two murders to his credit, and maybe more in his very murky past.

Ever since the debonair financial consultant first hit Weatherfield, he's been too good to be true. He charmed Gail down the aisle, appears to adore his new "family" -- but at the same time, that cold look around his satanic eyebrows is never far away.

He probably rivals the vile Jez Quigley (remember him?) as the man viewers hate most. Now, he looks set to kill again.

Could it be his ex-wife's worried friend Charlotte who could now become an ex-character? Or, is Gail or Audrey in the frame?

But while Gail is not the hot favourited to be bumped off, at 11-1 she is a reasonable bet. However, Richard does genuinely seem to care for her, but all things could change if she blows the lid.


Odds 9-4 (favourite): Local undertaker caught up in Richard's devilish plot to get an unknown female corpse buried as Richard's ex-wife.

Character Traits: Jovial, optimistic, loyal.

Murder Potential: High -- he could spark police inquiries -- and actor Roy Hudd is probably about to go into panto, anyway.


Odds 5-2: Teen boyfriend of Sarah Lou and bain of teacher Ken Barlow's life. A terrifying plotline is coming up, however, which could really annoy Richard. Bad idea.

Character Traits: Irritating know-all tearaway.

Murder Potential: High -- he's probably on most of the Corrie cast's hit-list (he's certainly on mine), so it would be a social service.


Odds 11-4: Dizzy hairdresser, mother of Gail and thinks the sun shines from Richard's briefcase. But, he has been secretly going into her house, changing things to make her think she's going mad.

Character Traits: Chatty, snobbish, but warm-hearted.

Murder Potential: Fairly high. She's got assets, so she's already on Richard's list.


Odds 8-1: Joint owner of local taxi firm and master of picking hot horses. Vik doesn't appear to figure largely in Richard's life but future scripts could easily throw him into the path of Deadly Dick.

Character Traits: Too clever for his own good, and sees himself as a ladies' man.

Murder Potential: Reasonable, and he would be missed.


Odds 8-1: Daughter of the terrible Les, but a bright college student who works in Roy's greasy spoon

Character Traits: Straight-talking, liberal, sweet.

Murder Potential: Surprisingly good as she's due to leave Corrie anyway. But the producers might prefer to keep the door open rather than allowing Richard to slam it forever.


Odds 14-1: Been on Street for as long as anyone can remember and one of Richard's first financial clients. Emily is no stranger to murder, her husband was shot dead in a wages raid. Has a few bob, so she's vulnerable.

Character Traits: Bit frosty, sensible.

Murder Potential: Higher than the odds might show if Richard needs cash in a hurry.


Odds 16-1: Professional nosy parker who works with Rita Sullivan in The Kabin. Already had a terrifying run-in with Dodgy Dickie over his suspicions, and backed off.

Character Traits: Old gossip, but very funny.

Murder Potential: Pretty high on anyone's hit-list, really, Richard had a chance in the flats and declined.


Odds 20-1: Matriarchal Street character and often pivotal person in plotlines, Rita runs The Kabin, dispensing gems of advice with the daily 'papers.

Character Traits: Basically warm, friendly but with a hint of steel underneath.

Murder Potential: Low-ish because she's naturally suspicious of Richard and probably won't let him near her nest-egg.


Odds 33-1: Highly popular and especially endearing Corrie favourite with various plotlines always brewing.

Character Traits: Basically down-to-earth, warm hearted.

Murder Potential: As actor Bill Tarmey has just made a welcome screen return after heart problems, Jack's health on the Street is pretty much assured.


Odds 33-1: Equally popular character and other half of the Street's most enduring couple.

Vera was quick to jump into Richard's financial clutches, and no good will come of it, mark my words.

Character Traits: Daft as a brush, honest

Murder Potential: Highly unlikely as ratings would suffer too much.