Champions Longsight went down to Walmersley A with an 11-1 score by Dave Gregory and Steve Routledge.

Carolyn Pyatt (late again) scorched a series of winners, bounced nonchalantly along the baseline between points, shared a few giggling witticisms with partner Paul Lever, and scorched off home. A bravura Cannes Film performance.

Monton were on the receiving end of this and the other damage dished out by Markland Hill -- a rampant Robert, aforesaid Lever and the divas' diva herself, Diane O'Brien, pink-puffed from noisy enjoyment and some class play. A close fought match in fact with hard fought rallies, the result not reflecting Monton's efforts but a league record win nonetheless.

If not yet a front page star, Holcombe's Julie Bannister seems on the way. Last year's B team chorus line hoofer has been thrust into front stage spotlight with the A team and is doing well. Two sets won against Allsorts, no mean effort, even with the assistance of the redoubtable Emily Warner.

Holcombe's B team was less successful against Bolton School A, for whom Duncan Kyle's gunboat play complemented Mark Williams' more silky destruction of opponents. Holcombe's men -- faces from your correspondent's (distant) past -- mirrored them: John Barnwell galloped around in local squire, Tally-Ho shotgun fashion; Neil Edmondson the local Lord more suave and subtle in style. Bolton won but Holcombe had perhaps the edge in pace!


Division One: Walmersley B 32 Walkers C 29; Walmersley A 34 Longsight 23; Holcombe Brook A 27 Allsorts 19; Markland Hill A 45 Monton 7.

Division Two: David Lloyd A 32 Markland Hill B 15; Astley 34 Winter Hill 20; MGB 37 Harwood 16.

Division Three: David Lloyd B 26 Walkers B 19; Barrow Bridge B 31 Guild Hall B 12; Bolton School A 39 Holcombe Brook B 16; Bolton School B 36 Egerton 14.