DL FARNWORTH A team were Bolton Badminton League C Section champions last season -- now they have their sights on the B Section.

They have made an excellent start, taking scalps like GMT A, Racquets and Park A in a stylish opening few weeks. With Hawkshaw B, who only just missed out on top flight badminton last season, they are currently on maximum points at the top, with Springfields A and Chowbent B challenging.

In A Section, Markland Hill A have edged into an early lead, just ahead of champions Chrst Church and with Markland Hill B in a creditable third.

Westhoughton A came down from B Section last season, but join leaders Hawkshaw C at the top of C Section. Both teams have signalled their intentions, as Westhoughton showed in their clash at Chowbent C.

Sue Carney and Nick Hawken took the first game of the night for Chowbent, but Lynn Seel and John Cole immediately came back with the second and the visitors took the next two for a quick start.

When Lynn and John took both their second mixed, Westhoughton were 6-4 up, and Wendy Anderson and Ruth Atherton kept up their scoring with top ladies 3 and 1. Top men's went to Chowbent's Nick Hawken and Simon Mallinson, but when Westhoughton took both second ladies, the points were won.

GMTB are in second place in D Section behind Deane A, but the Section is very competitive as their away fixture against Hawkshaw D showed.

Going into the last game of the night, the home side only needed a draw but Paul Hawker and John Day had other ideas, taking it 15-6 and clinching a GMT win.

A Section: ABC 8, Markland Hill B 10; Metro A 0, Hawkshaw A 18; Forrest B 3, Christ Church 15; Bury A 10, Forrest A 8. B Section: Markalnd Hill C 12, Sharples A 6. C Section: Metro B 8, Hawkshaw C 10; Springfield B 12, Markland Hill D 6; Westhoughton A 9, Hawkshaw C 9; Sharples B 16, Chowbent D 2; Chowbent C 7, Westhoughton A 11. D Section: David Lloyd 8, Westhoughton C 10; Smithills A 7, Forrest C 11; Park B 14, David Lloyd 4; Westhoughton C 13, Sharples C 5; Hawkshaw D 8, GMT B 10; Springfield D 4, Metro C 14; Deane A 15, Sharples C 3. E Section: Moorside A 7, Smithills B 11; Sharples D 10, Moorside B 8; Forrest E 10, Deane B 8; Metro D 4, Forrest E 14; Westhoughton D 13, Farnworth C 5. F Section: Forrest F 9, Moorside D 9; MHill E 12, Holy X 6; Mside C 17, Smithills D 1; Park C 10, Metro E 8.