Bradshaw Hall, demolished by the Bleachers' Association in 1949, was a 17th century manor house,,

In 1996 Bradshaw Hall development - a secluded custer of stone homes off Bradshaw Road, Bradshaw - was the overall winner in the Bolton and District Civic Trust's award scheme.

This was seven years after Civic Trust watchdogs were up in arms about the fact that a in a demolition bluder, a dilapidated chimney on the site toppled the wrong way and wrecked the ancient Bradshaw hall stone porchway that had been preserved as an historic teasure for many years.

But the company involved rebuilt the porch as a central feature of the development.

According to a history of the parish written in 1923, there is no documentary evidence that Bradshaw Church was every called by the saint's name - St Maxentius, an obscure French saint - until 1872.

It is the only church in England so called.

There is no positive proof that a church or chapel exisisted there before 1541.

The bell is older than the tower which is not earlier than 1500.

Bradshaw Cricket, Tennis and Bowling club was formed in 1884 with the title of Bradshaw Victoria Cricket Cluv

The brooker flows through a valley were cloth was laid out for bleaching on the grass along its banks.