THE ROY Keane media circus rolled into Bolton today as the Manchester United skipper arrived at the Reebok Stadium to front his Football Association inquisitors writes Chris Hall

A horde of reporters and cameramen from the nation's press massed outside the Stadium's reception desperate to grab a snapshot or a comment from the controversial Irishman who faces two disreputes charges following comments made in his autobiography.

But he caught the media off guard by instead arriving inauspiciously in a black taxi cab at the entrance to the De Vere Whites Hotel to the side of the ground, making no comment as he made his way inside.

The 31-year-old faces a massive ban and severe fine should he fail to clear his name after his money spinning book allegedly revealed he set out to injure Manchester City player Alfie Halland in a horror tackle at Old Trafford last year.

The former Republic of Ireland ace, currently recovering from a hip operation, travelled with club lawyer Maurice Watkins.

Former United player Eamonn Dunphy was an earlier visitor to Bolton's ground after being called as a witness to speak on Keane's behalf. Dunphy was the ghost writer for Keane's recently released autobiography, the contents of which landed the former Ireland captain in trouble.

The FA have charged Keane with making an 'improperly motivated' tackle on Haaland and with profiting from the tackle through his book.

In his book, Keane indicated the tackle - since which Haaland has not played a full game - was an act of revenge for Haaland accusing him of feigning injury three years earlier when he had actually ruptured his cruciate knee ligament.

It is believed one of the key components to Keane's defence will be that Dunphy incorrectly paraphrased his words.

It is also likely Keane will argue he has already been punished for the offence by virtue of the three-match ban he incurred for his dismissal against City.

The case will be heard by the FA's three most experienced members of their disciplinary panel, consisting of chairman Barry Bright, vice-chairman Colin Taylor and Maurice Armstrong.

Jim Sturman QC will act on behalf of the FA while Keane will be represented by Thomas Shields QC.

Haaland will not be present at the hearing after the FA decided to use Keane's book and a video presentation of the tackle as their full evidence.

With a welter of evidence to sift through, there is a clear possibility the case could run into a second day, although both parties were hoping for a speedy resolution.