YOU may recall that last Thursday, I printed a "mystery" picture of a group of men with rosettes on and asked if anyone could date the photograph. I also wondered if it could have been taken at an election. The answer seems not.

Mr William McCarthy of Willows Lane tells me that the picture was taken outside Bolton Gasworks on Moor Lane, possibly at the time of the Cup Final in 1958. His father was shown fourth from the right, and he worked at the gasworks.

That site may have been right, but not the year. Mrs Connie Naylor (nee Southworth), of Nantwich Walk, Great Lever, writes: "My uncle Jim Goodier and my dad Teddy Southworth were on it. Neither was political, so I know it was not an election. Both supported Bolton Wanderers and always went together. The building at the back is possibly the Gasworks, as that is where uncle Jim worked. My dad died in 1954, so perhaps it was for the 1953 Cup Final."

And lastly, former Mayor of Bolton Geoff Smith contacted me to say he thought it was of football supporters, in 1953, "outside the old Trinity Street station, I would say." Well, as a politician Geoff, you will understand what I mean when I say you have been outvoted on that one!

To view the photo, click HERE and look for "LB ainsworth".