Best-selling author Rebecca Shaw recently published her latest wonderful novel A Village Dilemma, her eleventh book and the newest title in the ever popular 'Tales from Turnham Malpas' series.

With warmth and humour and a touch of mischief, Rebecca Shaw has brought us another wonderful instalment of village life.

The inhabitants of Turnham Malpas are happily celebrating Stocks Day on the village green when the unwelcome reappearance of Bryn Fields stirs up trouble. He has a reason for coming back and it is not popular with everyone. He plans to use the village as a key attraction for visiting Americans and he is keen for it to remain just the way it has always been.

But for the rector and his wife there is a dilemma of a more serious nature.

Peter and Caroline's twins start asking who their real mother is. Caroline accepted the result of Peter's indiscretion ten years before; facing up to it now is almost more than she can bear.

To celebrate the release of this new book, reader club members have the opportunity to win one of two sets of Rebecca's complete collection of books. Nine consists from the 'Tales from Turnham Malpas' series and two from the 'Tales from Barleybridge' series.

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Question: The latest novel A Village Dilemma is from which series?