A BOOKMAKER stands to lose almost £1 million if England win the World Cup.

North-west based bookie Fred Done offered odds of 12-1 before the competition began.

England are now among the favourites at 4-1. If they win, he estimates he will be £910,000 out of pocket.

Mr Done, who runs a number of betting shops in Bolton, said: "I'm not sure who'll be sweating the most if England get to the final and win -- me, a punter who has had £70,000 on England at 12-1, or the England team playing in that humidity."

Mr Done said he has already lost more than £100,000 after Brazil won their group with the full nine points.

The bookmaker made the news in 1998 when he paid out £50,000 before the season had finished to people who had put money on Manchester United winning the Premier League.

Arsenal were the eventual winners.