IT's always nice to know that this column has resulted in renewing old friendships. I received an e-mail from Patricia Hamilton, of Turton Road, Bradshaw, who wrote to say that on April 11, 44 years to the day, she met up with her old school friend, "and it is all due to Looking Back".

"You showed an old photo of our school staff of English Martyrs, 1957, sent in by Les Eckersley when he organised a reunion last November.

"My friend Maureen Cooper became a nurse, married a doctor, and went to India where she has been ever since. Through this article, our sisters got in touch and realised that we had been good friends until we left school, and due to various circumstances we had lost touch.

"Since last September we have been e-mailing each other, and finally met on April 11. Needless to say we spent hours just catching up, and vowed not to lose touch again. It was wonderful.

"Keep up the good work. Looking Back is the first page I always turn to in the BEN. It has touched on so many aspects of my life, as I have lived in Bolton all my life.

"Thanks on behalf of both Maureen and myself. We decided together that we should write to thank you."

Well, I'm delighted that such a good result came from the article. Mind you, I'm sure most of the credit should go to Mr Eckersley for sending in the picture in the first place . . .