I HAVE printed a number of articles about Venture Street recently, and another letter on the same subject has come from Mr Harry Ball, of Turton Road, Bradshaw, who was born at No. 8 in March, 1923.

"My grandparents came to Bolton from Ironbridge in Shropshire so that my grandad could work at the Atlas Forge," he says. "They made cast iron and steel because they were also constructional engineers. We knew it as Walmsley's Forge.

"I had a sister Lily 13 years older than me and a brother Arthur 10 years older than me. We all went to St Mark's School and Church in Fletcher Street.

"Arthur was then a template maker in wood; these were for all the big steel trusses and girders, to make the plates with holes in to bolt and rivet everything together. He served his apprenticeship when working on building of the Crescent behind the Town Hall.

"The reason I am writing this at Easter time is because my sister was a busy worker at St Mark's Church, and for many years they staged a Passion Play for a few nights leading up to Easter weekend.

"All the congregation took part, and all dressed for their parts. We children used to think it was marvellous.

"I wonder how many people from the Venture Street area still remember these plays.

"Most of the neighbours were good in those days - hardly any money, but honest and true."