RESIDENTS living close to a hostel for the homeless in Chorley are demanding action claiming its users are making their lives a misery.

And a group of them have formed the Pall Mall Action Committee following their concerns about nearby Cotswold House.

They want Chorley Borough Council to take action against the hostel, which can provide up to 28 bed spaces for vulnerable homeless people and families.

The group contacted The Citizen listing a catalogue of complaints about the building which they say is ruining their neighbourhood.

The leader of the committee has asked not to be named for fear of reprisals, but said: "We have reached zero tolerance limit concerning what is happening to this once lovely, quiet and respectable area."

She described how residents are:

disgusted at dumped drinks bottles, cans and syringes, drunks or drug users slumped on the floor;

fed up of sleepless nights because of noise coming from Cotswold House;

afraid of vandalism after cars have had mirrors snapped off, paint scratched and windscreens smashed;

afraid to go on holiday for fear their homes will be broken into -- one woman even resorted to having iron bars put on her windows and doors. The last straw was when youths attempted to burgle a property in Gloucester Road where a man was lying ill in bed. Two months later he died of a heart attack.

His wife, Dorothy, said she feels nervous living alone there. She said: "It's getting worse around here, but I don't see why people should move -- we've been here for years!"

Another resident complained: "There's always trouble at Cotswold House and it's not uncommon to see police cars or an ambulance there."

Indeed, when The Citizen reporter went to the estate, two police cars and an ambulance car were attending an incident.

Sgt Alan Acheson, from Chorley Police, said: "We had a call saying a young lad had taken some pills and when the police arrived he got somewhat aggressive, but it wasn't really serious."

Steve Lomas, head of housing services for Chorley Borough Council, said: "I am concerned that some of these allegations have no evidence to suggest they are associated with Cotswold House.

"We do have to deal with some difficult people as homelessness is often a symptom of another problem." He said he was willing to talk to anyone about this issue and is available on 01257 515577.