LOVE her or hate her, Anne Robinson has generated more column inches for herself over the past couple of weeks.

Opinion is divided as to whether her latest programme The Weakest Link is a success and this is the same in Chorley.

The hit show went to America last week and Miss Robinson was given a mauling by some critics.

Britain's latest export across the Atlantic was described as "the ice-queen host from hell," "stiff" and "confusing".

Her style was derided by the New York Times for her severe manner and they accused her of being more like a librarian.

The Citizen went out onto the streets to discover what Chorley folk thought of it all.

Bernard and Maureen Bradshaw, of Chorley, differed in their views about the show. Mr Bradshaw, a retired train driver, said: "She has made a mistake going over there. I would not walk across the road with her because she is ignorant."

Mr Bradshaw's wife, a retired cleaner, held the opposite view. "I think she is absolutely brilliant. I like her style because she is not false."

People thought the programme would still attract contestants despite Robinson's stern manner, but prize money would deter Shaun Mitchell.

Mr Mitchell, a service engineer from Blackrod, said: "I think she is good because of her style. I would still go on The Weakest Link, but I prefer Millionaire because of the money."

Americans come in for some criticism, too, for being too boring from Jackie Dempster who lived in the United States for two years.

Mrs Dempster, a shop assistant from Adlington, said: "I just think that Americans don't have a sense of humour, but I do understand why they would not like her."

The final word from Janet Lowe, a housewife from Adlington, who said: "It is a lot of publicity for her, which is probably what she wanted."

"Whether her style is liked or not, the show makes compulsive viewing and that has shown in the rating figures both here and and in America."