IT was eyes down for a full house at a Chorley bingo club when for the third time this year as a pensioner scooped the National Jackpot!

The sensational hat-trick of wins happened at Chorley Gala Bingo Club on Saturday when a 61-year-old Leyland woman called house to win a fabulous £53,685.

The woman, who like previous winners has asked not to be named, has been a member of the club for six years and although she plays there most days she said she has never won this much money before.

After scooping the National Bingo Game prize of £50,000, plus the regional prize of £3,647 and the club prize of £38, the lucky player said she will share the win with her friend from Preston whom she plays with. She said she didn't think she had won because the 44 numbers she called in would be too high

"We also didn't realise that results for the National Game, which is played at the end of the main session, take 20 minutes to come through," she said.

"We had left the hall and gone to the cloakroom then decided to ask at the desk on the way out where the winner was. Then they told us it was me and everyone had been looking for us!"

Mark Simm, manager of the Market Street club, said: "She broke down when she got back to my office and was in a state of shock. She rang both her sons to tell them the news."

He added: "I predicted a hat-trick after the last win and it has come true. This proves what I said that wins come in threes!"

On December 30 last year, also a Saturday afternoon, a Chorley grandmother won £48,339 at the club and on March 8, an 80-year-old Adlington woman won £103,200.