THE trouble with car addicts like Stewart Partington (Your Views: April 21) is that the public authorities can't win, any which way.

If you ask motoring addicts why they don't use public transport, they usually say: "It isn't good enough. Provide me with a fast, reliable, cheap service, and I'll consider using it."

So you go away, and take the necessary action by way of bus lanes to provide a better bus service, the operator buys some smart, new, comfortable single deckers, and starts marketing the service, and you get "you're running empty buses."

It takes time, and persuasion, to build up public support for even reliable public transport. The cheap snide jibe about councillors only trying to get cars off the road so that there will be easier driving conditions for them to enjoy would be insulting if it wasn't so silly. For the record, almost every working day I drive my car to the nearest railhead, park up, and travel to my work in central Manchester by train.

I've been doing it for twelve years, and I know two other councillors who did the same in recent years. It's not PC -- only common sense, but it does mean I can read the paper, or even snooze, on my way to work -- activities not really recommended whilst driving a car.

Cllr Peter Johnston

Kendal Road