JAMES Stevens' letter is little less than a fantasised list of Tory propaganda.

To use scare-mongering tactics to gain votes for himself suggests a lack of positive substance of his own and, in my opinion, can only be described as 'schoolyard-canvassing'. In fact, as I read his letter, I began to wonder if he is living in the same world as myself.

Does he suffer from short-term memory, or is he just naive?

He quotes the abolition of the minimum income guarantee which was, in fact, abolished by Margaret Thatcher and was restored by John Major. The then Labour Shadow Cabinet did not, and still do not, accept the rise. He makes no mention of Tory handling of Rail Transport (and the resulting Hatfield tragedy) who now, in Oliver Twist-fashion, are asking 'for more' in addition to the billions paid yearly by the tax-payer.

I have no doubt that Ruth Kelly will answer James Stevens with far more 'punch' than I. But I felt compelled to voice my anger that a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate should incite fear of the opposition to win the votes of those he will conveniently forget about should he be successful.

Mrs E M Howell

Berne Avenue