WELL known Tory activist, John Barry, obviously does not like me raising the fact that the Conservative Party is in favour of bloodsports, hence his latest attempt to dupe voters into believing that the Tories are fox friendly.

In fact, he amazingly tries to delude us by saying the fact that Tories and Liberals have tried every trick in the book to delay government attempts to ban hunting is somehow the fault of the Labour Government!

I have nothing against James Stevens, except the fact that he is standing on the ticket of a party which is vehemently opposed to a ban on fox hunting, while at the same time trying to dupe Bolton West voters into believing that if elected the fox would be safe under his party.

I'm afraid that won't wash. As for Mr Barry's assertion that William Hague has promised to protect the fox, I wonder which publication he read this in? Furthermore, William Hague has changed his mind on key issues depending on that day's newspaper headline.

P Osbourne

Loxham Street, Moses Gate, Bolton.