I WISH to apologise to Mrs C Woods for describing Wessex as an imaginary place.

According to tradition, Saxon Wessex was established by two princes, Cedric and Cynric, who landed on the south coast in AD 495. It was said that Alfred the Great was one of the descendants.

Sot the Countess of Wessex is not an imaginary person, but one that used to exist.

Anyway 'What's in a name?'

To be the head of a public relations company as Mrs Windsor, does not sound as attractive to her customers as the Countess of Wessex, wife of Prince Edward.

Now it is taboo that the royals should use their titles for monetary or any other business gain. The Countess was exposed breaking the royal rules by an imaginary Arab sheikh. Perhaps it would be better to describe the sheikh as bogus.

Mrs Windsor resigned her post as head of PR company. What if she had fled to Wessex, what a plot for Thomas Hardy if he was still with us!

John S L Evans

Howard Avenue, Deane, Bolton