A LEADING cancer specialist launched a blistering attack on the Government for failing to ban tobacco advertising. And Professor Gordon McVie also branded actress Liz Hurley and supermodel Kate Moss "disgusting" for continuing to promote smoking while supposedly backing cancer fund raising appeals. "I find it disgraceful that Liz Hurley and Kate Moss are seen wearing pink ribbons and fund raising T-shirts and are then pictured everywhere they go puffing on a cigarette," said Professor McVie, the Cancer Research Campaign's director general.

He went on to say the Bernie Ecclestone affair, and the racing boss's relationship with the Government was a farce and needed further investigation.

The professor was speaking yesterday at the annual north west conference for cancer appeal fund-raisers at Bury Town Hall.

He criticised Tony Blair for failing to take tougher action over tobacco advertising.

"The last thing Donald Dewar did before his death was ban tobacco companies advertising in Scotland. I find it utterly disgraceful that in England these companies are still allowed to peddle their good to teenagers, " he said.

He urged the packed conference of fund-raisers to lobby their MPs to take action.

"Let's be clear, smoking will kill you. The chances of surviving lung cancer are still only around three per cent," added the professor.

The conference celebrated a successul year of fund raising with some north west groups achieving milestone records of £1million.