BOLTON five-a-side ace Martin Budworth will be going to Wembley for the first time next week - and playing on the hallowed pitch.

He is part of Breightmet's sensational small-sided team Oasthouse which last night turned their dream of playing at the Twin Towers into a reality.

Their bid to finish in the top two of the four-team round robin in Nottingham got off to a disastrous start when Tony McCormick was sent off in the first game and rivals Middlesbrough took advantage of the extra player to win 1-0.

But the Leverhulme Park Premier Fives team blasted back with a 4-1 victory over Leicester and a 2-1 defeat of Derby to join Middlesbrough in the Wembley final which will be played as a curtain-raiser to the Worthington Cup Final.

And manager Max Carter believes his team of McCormick, Budworth, Danny Carter, Alec Carson, Trevor Howarth and goalkeeper Gareth Bradshaw will be more than a match for Middlesbrough's Acklam Steelworks FC with all their men on the pitch.

"You better believe it. We had to play the whole of the second half with four men which is when they scored," Max said.

"If we had kept all five on the pitch I'm sure we wouldn't have lost and we're confident we can get the win at Wembley."

Martin was the night's goal hero with a triple strike while Danny bagged two and Alec one and, win or lose, the lads will experience one of soccer's most magical moments at the famous old stadium just before it is to be torn down and replaced by the new state-of-the-art Wembley mark two.

"The lads are going to play on the Wembley pitch in front of 76,000 supporters and then, no matter what the result is, they are going to walk up the famous steps and be presented with the trophy and medals."

Max's only worry is exactly how he is going to get there to coach them through the game and watch their moment of glory.

He is as much a part of the team as the players but Oasthouse have only been given six tickets for the occasion which is only enough for the players.

"It's the one sad note but I've explained the situation to the organisers and they are trying to work something out."

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