From the Evening News, September 17, 1974

FLUORIDE could be added to the water supplies of seven and a quarter million people throughout the north-west if a move by a Manchester health authority is approved. A decision to call the fluoride to be added to supplies was taken yesterday by the Manchester Area Health Authority (Teaching), and the go-ahead would mean that the chemical could be added to the water supply to the Bolton area despite a referendum which overwhelmingly rejected fluoridation.

SCOTLAND and Wales are to get their own elected assemblies under the Government's new strategy for devolution, unveiled today. The reform is to be brought in 'as soon as possible'.


SWITCH-ON time for Blackpool's first pre-war illuminations is 7.34 this evening, when Miss Anna Neagle will, with the press of a button, throw six miles of promenade from South Shore to Bispham into a blaze of light. The present scheme was originally designed to be shown in 1939 but was abandoned because of the war. There are over 300,000 coloured bulbs and 36 miles of festooned lighting.


A SERIOUS assault is reported from the Victory, Halliwell. A man named Atkinson, with his wife and several children, and two of the brothers of Mrs Atkinson, named Atherton, one of whom is deaf and dumb and a cripple, reside at No 6, Victory-street, Halliwell. It appears that Atkinson was about to ill-use his wife and one of his daughters, when the younger Atherton commenced to interfere. Atkinson, addressing his wife, said: 'If I can't take it out of you, I will take it out of your brother,' and seizing the elder Atherton, the cripple, pushed him violently out of the house, causing his head to come into contact with a kerbstone, which caused a large wound on the back of his head, from which blood flowed freely. Mr Southam was summoned to the injured man and paid great attention to the injuries, but it is stated that he has very little hopes of his recovery, having lost a great quantity of blood. Atkinson was under the influence of drink at the time. He will be brought before the county magistrates on Thursday.

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