I READ the article in your paper regarding Simon Jones and Mr Senior of North British Housing Association, Citizen September 2.

I have lived on this estate for 16 years and during this time found Simon Jones to be more than helpful to everyone and anyone.

He has supported the community on many occasions. Our village green was waterlogged and he got it drained.

He has chaired the committee which runs the children's soccer matches two or three times.

I'm disabled and not too good on my feet and I used to dread going to the village centre on a cold frosty day in fearthat I might fall and injure myself due to the broken pavement.

He battled through the red tape once again so now we can at least walk on a good surface and feel safe.

I feel Simon Jones has worked hard for us in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Name and

address supplied.

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