A FLYING visit to a Chorley superstore was a bit of a poo for an Anderton man who got more than he bargained for at ASC Timber and DIY.

As John Fairclough drove into the car park of the Lions Lane store, the last thing he expected to get was splattered with bird muck.

But that is exactly what he ended up with after a flock of birds flew overhead and dropped a pile of guano right down his left side!

Initially, John, of Shaws Drive, Anderton, thought the watery purple mess was liquid from a nearby wagon and called ASC manager Tony Park, to investigate.

Mr Park said: "I washed about 30 customer cars and called environmental health to check that it wasn't something from a factory.

David Bradley, principal environmental health officer with Chorley Borough Council confirmed: "It's bird muck. The birds have been eating elderberries and they all decided to go to the toilet at the same time.

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