A REVIEW of local government electoral arrangements in Chorley has begun.

The whole of Lancashire has gone under the microscope for the first time in almost 25 years.

The objective is to ensure the number of electors represented by each district, borough or city councillor is as near as possible the same - taking into account the identities and interests of local communities and the need for effective and convenient local government.

The Local Government Commission says reviews have to be conducted periodically because of the changes in the number and distribution of electors over time.

The commission can recommend changes to the number of councillors and ward boundaries, including the creation of new wards and their names.

It can also recommend changes to the electoral arrangements of parish and town councils, where they exist.

The commission cannot review the boundaries between local authorities or between parishes.

Nor can it consider the establishment of new parish or town councils as part of this review.

However, changes to parish boundaries can now be considered by the relevant district, borough or city council which can make recommendations direct to the Secretary of State.

Local people and interested parties and associations are invited to submit their own proposals for changes to electoral arrangements by writing to the commission no later than Monday, November 29.

The address is: The Review Manager (Lancashire), Local Government Commission for England, Dolphyn Court, 10-10 Great Turnstile, London WC1V 7JU.

The commission says it expects to publish draft recommendations for consultation at the beginning of next year.

Following this, it will recommend to the Secretary of State any changes to electoral arrangements.

Mark Galbraith, responsible for electoral registration matters with Chorley Borough Council, said there would be a wide consultation period "so we have a consensus of views before taking them forward.

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