RURAL transport in Chorley has been given a boost following approval of government funding of up to £750,000.

Chorley county councillor Richard Toon, chairman of Lancashire's highways and transportation committee, expressed his delight.

He said: "This is great news for rural transport in Lancashire. We have scored a 100 per cent success, making three bids and gaining approval for all of them."

The bids are for:

The South Lancs Rural Transport Partnership - serving rural areas including Chorley.

The West Lancashire Community Rail Partnership - aimed at developing integrated rural transport services based on the Preston-Ormskirk and Wigan-Southport rail corridors, bringing together all forms of transport, including public, community, walking, cycling and park and ride.

The North Lancs Rural Transport Partnership.

County councillor Toon added: "The three partnerships will initially be for three years and will each attract up to 75 per cent funding from the Government to a maximum of £250,000 - that means up to £U million of government money has been attracted to Lancashire.

"It is even more exciting because we have included the development of rural transport partnerships as a major part of our Provisional Local Transport Plan. We have already forged links with the Community Council for Lancashire and the Countryside Agency with regard to these partnerships and we will be looking to recruit further partners like district and parish councils, health authorities, public transport operators and businesses.

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