LAST week the Citizen asked you to write in about your grandparents. Here is one letter which we felt we had to publish . .

Dear Chorley Citizen,

We are writing to tell you about our nanna and grandad, John and Kathleen Grodnicki.

They are two very caring people. We love them because they are our grandparents and they love us a lot. We used to live far away from Chorley where they live and we only saw them six times every year. Now we live round the corner so we see them two times a day which is very special.

Whenever we are sad they cheer us up. Just the other day I was upset and they made me a happy girl.

They tell us lots of stories about how things were when they were little like us which is very interesting especially as our Grandad grew up in France during World War 2.

They do as much as they can, within age and bad health limits.

We would just like to say, by this letter, how much we love them and would like to thank them for everything they do.

Yours Sincerely,

Nicole Louise Forrest, Kimberley Anne Forrest (twins, aged 10) and Catherine Alice Forrest (aged 5). (all pictured).

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