CHORLEY Council has been cleared after an investigation over accusations of maladministration.

The Local Government Ombudsman was called in after Jim Green, organiser of the borough's summer playscheme accused council chiefs of trying to stop his work.

The council says that it has been "Completely exonerated" but Mr Green disagrees saying: "The judgement made by the ombudsman is that maladministration cannot be proven. To say that it is a complete exoneration is exaggerated."

Mr Green argued that a move by the council to bar under 18s from working on playschemes was intended to force his playscheme out of the borough.

He commented "We have some wonderful young people working on this scheme, and they have been thoroughly trained."

Chorley Council leader John Wilson said "When we introduced our new policy for children's play it was with the specific intention of not only providing the best for our children but also ensuring their safety and wellbeing."

He added "We have at no time had any ulterior motive with regard to Mr Green's involvement in the Chorley playscheme."

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