COUNCILLORS in Westhoughton have given the thumbs down to an application from McDonald's to build a £1 million drive-in restaurant which would create 60 jobs.

But lovers of the company's Big Macs need not despair. Because councillors will reconsider the restaurant at Pavilion Square if McDonald's planners adapt their plans.

Councillors object to the current plans which place the restaurant and its rubbish compartment just yards away from Thurstons elderly people's accommodation.

Leader of the town council, Cllr David Wilkinson, said: "We have objected to the present plans because of the impact it will have on the people who live at Thurstons."

The application places the restaurant near to Thurstons and the car park next to the entrance to Pavilion Square.

Councillors say that if McDonald's swap round the location of the car park and restaurant the plans would be acceptable, subject to suitable screening of the car park next to Thurstons.

And they have written to the hamburger giant asking them to adapt their plans.

Cllr Wilkinson said: "We don't object to a McDonald's in principle because at the moment the site is a hideous eyesore. Plus McDonald's would attract a lot of customers and provide local jobs."

The application will now have to go before Bolton's planning control sub committee.

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