THROUGH your newspaper I would like to highlight the benefits of doing voluntary work, not through my words, but through the words of a young lady who has recently joined a befriending group.

"I really do not think people realise what variety of volunteer work is available and how much you can gain from it! I think people imagine that 'volunteer work' requires a lot more time and effort than it often does. One to two hours a week visiting another person is not a lot to ask for many people. However it is an extremely valuable service to many people. I cannot explain how much I get out of volunteering. I always leave my 'friend's' home with a smile on my face and a warmth inside. It might sound OTT, but without this service many more people would be sad and lonely. I hope it's still around in future years!"

Peter Sloan, Co-ordinator

Bolton Volunteer Bureau

Bridge House, Pool Street


Tel. 380692

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