Cat Among the Pigeons, St Philips AODS, Parochial Hall, Bridgeman Street, Bolton. Repeated tonight and tomorrow THE typical 50s home often provides the backdrop for a successful comedy and last night's show by St Philips was no exception.

The ever-present dizzy grandmother, laid-back father, God-fearing mother, couple with a young baby and the odd troublemaker thrown in for good measure set in the living room of the family home makes for a delightful two-hour show which kept the audience's spirit lifted at all times.

The show, produced by arrangement with Samuel French, is set in a fictional Lancashire town with the main plot revolved around Edna and Ernest and their life living with the in-laws with a new baby in tow.

The laughs come from an also newly-moved in grandma with a penchant for a tipple of gin in secret every now and again.

And grandma - excellently played by Barbara Platt - just one of the three members of the Platt clan on stage last night - brought the biggest laughs of the night from the packed church hall.

The family's world is rocked when son Bill comes home from the war with a French "fancy piece". His devastated fiancee is obviously upset - but then again it is a comedy play and we all know its going to end happily.

Despite a few arguments along the line, a bit of good fortune can often bring even the most split of families back together again as this show proves with a pleasant, but perhaps predictable twist at the end. It might even show - in it's belly-laughing way - just what a mercenary bunch we all are.

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