From the Evening News, March 10, 1973

SWEDISH air hostesses today threatened to go on strike unless they can change their mini-skirts for trouser suits.

'We are not going to be treated as sex-symbols any longer', said Eva Essen, President of the Air Hostesses Club at the domestic airline Linjeflyg.

'Short skirts are too cold. Air hostesses are getting twice as many illnesses as other airline personnel.'


From the Evening News, March 11, 1948

A new steamer for the Isle of Man, Snaefell, was launched at Birkenhead today. The steamer, 2,500 tons gross, and with a carrying capacity of 2,500 passengers, replaces the old ship of the same name, built in 1910 and lost in the war.


From the Evening News, March 11, 1873

WE are informed that a serious fire broke out at noon today, at Mr Gillibrand's farm, Ainsworth. It is reported that there were nine cattle on the premises, and only one had been rescued. The fire occurred about ten minutes past twelve at the farm, about a mile and a half from Bolton. Being situate in the midst of a number of fields, the flames spread with fearful rapidity, and in half an hour the whole premises were destroyed. Nine cows were inside, eight of which were burned to cinders. One of them was rescued by a son of the proprietors, who opened the door of the shippon and unlooosed the cow nearest the door, but he was prevented from unfastening any of the others by suffocating smoke. A large stack of hay close to the shippon was also consumed. The damage cannot be less than £300, the hay only (£50) being insured.

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