SIR: In 1974 Bolton Council took over the management of Westhoughton.

Later we were asked if we should follow Horwich by setting up a Town Council, so it could make sure Bolton Council maintained Westhoughton in a proper manner.

This has proved a failure and Bolton ignore Westhoughton Councillors and are secretive regarding any plans that concern Westhoughton.

Complaints to Westhoughton are either ignored or fail to get results.

Although Bolton should provide everything out of the Council Tax, Westhoughton Council have paid £50,000 for traffic light controlled pedestrian crossings and £25,000 for children's play areas and other things. Now they are to spend £100,000 on a drop-in for teenagers. This is without knowing if it will be successful or not. Teenagers tend to ignore advice by elders.

If the people of Westhoughton are against paying for these things, which should be paid out of the Council Tax, let them speak up.

When they spoke up about the statue with the help of the BEN, it is to be taken away. If people agree, I think it is time we had a referendum to see if we need a Town Council.

A Thorne,

Church Street,


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