SIR: I do not believe for a minute Alwyn Graham 'In her own write' (Wednesday, February 11), when she wrote about the Millennium Dome, about to be constructed on/by the River Thames. The English have always had a fascination with domes, as they have follies. St Paul's dome, for example, is not only a landmark, but a shrine.

"What have I done?" was the daily remark by the white hats (construction bosses) when I was involved in the building of the G-Mex in Manchester, and the re-furbishment of Stockport Viaduct. That means, while working in the daily blood-sweat-and-tears and endless money the G-Mex and Stockport Viaduct involved, you are not aware of the scale of achievement. Currently, the G-Mex is Manchester's premier exhibition palace and Stockport Viaduct the Brooklyn Bridge of Cheshire-cum-Lancashire. Thus looking forward to 10 or 20 years, I see a lot of prospect for the Thames Dome.

Come on, Ms Graham, stop being impetuous about what's going up in high iron.

Incidentally, neither am I a Londoner, nor do I come from the south.

Keith Moran,

Clough Flats, Heywood.

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