SIR: Regarding fluoride being added in tap water ( BEN: February 21). I myself applaud people who would like to dismiss the subject once and for all. Also, I am sure I agree with thousands who are against it. Surely people who insist on it realise that it is the result of poor diet, also neglect to clean teeth after meals, as food left in crevices causes decay in time, and too many boiled sweets (which crack the enamel), and sweet drinks.

In all my years, an advanced 80 years, we have never had cause for more chemicals to be added. Also, it could make some people ill, as, living for years without it, any sudden change, especially to the elderly or younger people, could create problems. So keep up the good work and protest against this chemical additive.

J B Bolton,

(Ben Reader for 60 years),

Spa Road, Bolton.

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