MOTHER-of-two Vanessa Coop says she was horrified when torrential rain turned her back garden into a lake - just weeks after her toddler daughter nearly drowned in a deep puddle. She claims Bolton Council is turning a blind eye to the problem and says inspectors refused to give her top soil to raise the level of the garden. But the council say they DO accept there is a problem with natural drainage in the area because of the clay soil. And a spokesman promised that an inspector would try to find some way to help Vanessa.

As reported in the BEN in January, 18-months-old Chelsea nearly drowned when she fell face down in a muddy pool at the house in Rawcliffe Avenue, Breightmet.

Vanessa, who also has a six-year-old son, Daniel, says recent downpours turned the pool into a dangerous lake.

"It is impossible for my daughter to play safely." she said. "There is a serious drainage problem in all the gardens around here.

"The ground has now become thick mud and you sink right the way down.

"I have volunteered to do all the work and digging myself - if only the council could come up with the soil.

"I can't afford to buy it myself on my budget."

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