JAMIE Pollock dropped a bombshell today when he announced his intention of quitting Bolton Wanderers.

The combative midfielder, who was made available for transfer earlier in the season before settling his differences, is back on the list after what he describes as a row with manager Colin Todd.

"We have had a fall-out and I feel it's something that isn't going to be sorted out this time," he explained. "There are problems between us and it's in both our interests if we part company."

Todd denies having had a row but contradicted Pollock's claim that he has not asked for a transfer when he said: "There has been no fall-out but Jamie has asked for a transfer, which I put to my directors and which has been granted."

News of Pollock's unrest comes as Wanderers lie second from bottom of the Premiership with just 10 games to play and with the bookies quoting them at 10-1 ON to be relegated.

The manager has continually stressed the need for togetherness in the dressing room - a quality he is relying on as he prepares his team for three successive home games that will determine whether they are still in with a survival shout.

But, following the transfer-listing of Peter Beardsley and the former England veteran's subsequent move out on loan to Manchester City, he could do without additional personnel problems.

Pollock says the issue came to a head after he was substituted during the 1-0 defeat at Spurs 10 days ago. His disappointment was clear as he left the field and last week he discussed his dissatisfaction with the manager. He was subsequently dropped for the Liverpool game and has been named in the reserves for tonight's game at West Brom.

"I expressed my concern to the manager over the way my career was going and said I thought my days here were numbered," the Stockton-born midfielder revealed.

"He agreed. I haven't asked for a transfer but he's told me I can go, provided it's in the club's best interests."

Pollock's grievances have not changed since the autumn when he and Todd agreed that, following his £1 million transfer from Spanish club Osasuna a year earlier, his career had stagnated because he was being played out of position - wide on the right of midfield rather than in the centre, where he built his reputation with Middlesbrough. Since then, he says, nothing has changed.

"I'm disappointed with the manager because he hasn't been fair with me," Pollock explained.

"He offered me a new deal but that hasn't been forthcoming. To be fair, he never gave me any assurances but he said that, if I played well on the right, things might change. But since then Alan Thompson and Scott Sellars have been suspended and he has either played someone else in the centre or changed the formation.

"That tells me he has no confidence in me as a central midfield player and now I've lost my respect for him. But I believe I have the ability to come back strongly and play in that position with another club."

Pollock admits going public will be seen as dissent in the Reebok ranks at an inopportune time but insists: "The fans have been absolutely magnificent and the players here are the most honest bunch of lads I've ever worked with. People should know the reasons why I want to leave the club.

"I feel strongly and passionately about my football. It would be easy for me to sit here and say everything's great but it isn't.

"I need to progress but my career has stood still since I came here.

"I'm gutted that we are second bottom of the table and I'm as much to blame as anyone for that. But, if the manager showed any faith in me, I'd be the first to fight for survival in the Premiership. Somehow I don't think I will get that opportunity now.

"I've got two years left on my contract and, if I could play in my best position, I'd be quite happy to see those two years out."

Todd added: "Jamie's availability has been circulated to clubs but he is still a Bolton Wanderers player and he will be in the squad or in the team when it's seen to be right for the club.

"If people aren't happy in the situation we are in, they are no use to me. We need people who are going to give their all - not that Jamie wouldn't do that, but he can't be in the right frame of mind at the moment."

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