UNDER their new director, Dorothy Clarkson, New Rosemere have achieved an outstanding production of memorable musical merit.

This well-cast show boasts some exceptional singers. There is not a weak link among the leading players who also demonstrate good acting technics.

Jim Lancaster (Marco) and Tim Henshaw (Giuseppe) are excellent as the Gondoliers who briefly share a royal throne.

Lancaster's singing of Take a Pair of Sparkling Eyes, was among last night's many highlights.

Lisa Murphy (Casilda) and Graham C Burrows (Luiz) are well matched as are Tom Leyland and Ann Smith as the Duke and Duchess of Plaza Toro. The four are accomplished singers and actors.

Claire Dewhurst (Gianetta) and Liz Robson (Tessa) maintain the high standards set by the rest of the principals.

And as the Grand Inquisitor, Derek Jackson shines.

Rightly regarded as one of the most popular of the G & S Operetta's, The Gondoliers have much loved songs as In Enterprise of Martial Kind, When a Merry Maiden Marries, and Dance a Cachucha.

All are given full justice in this show.

The chorus work is excellent as is the scenery. This production is lively, funny and beautifully choreographed by Audrey James. John F Balshaw's musical direction cannot be faulted.

Don't miss this show if you are a G & S fan, are even if you're not. Doreen Crowther

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