SIR: Regarding the press coverage of the Bolton Seven case

The Bolton Evening News editorials relating to the 'Bolton Seven' case seem to have implied gays want more than equal rights.

A number of the males involved in the 'Bolton Seven' case say they are not gay and are settled down with female partners. The individual's activity is not typical of gay males.

Gay rights activists had become involved in the 'Bolton Seven' case as the laws used in the case are some of the most discriminatory toward people who are gay.

The Gay Rights activists are calling for Equality - no more and no less. Equality involves the two basic concepts of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.

Gay men are denied Civil Rights. The State does not fulfil its role in ensuring that all citizens have equal protection under law or have actual opportunity,

Gay men are denied Civil Liberties by the use of unequal laws that are used to prosecute gays, therefore making a criminal offence of activity that is otherwise not criminal for others. Due Process of Law at present does not give gay males protection of individual rights.

The two concepts of equality and liberty are linked.

The concept that human beings have inalienable rights and liberties that cannot justly be violated by others or by the state is linked to the history of democracy.

Gays, historically, have not had full civil rights because of social and sexual taboos.

This summer the age of consent is to be equalised. By next year EU law will be incorporated into UK law. After that the barristers and solicitors will take over the role of the Gay Rights activists and ensure an Equal Due Process of Law.

David Reedy, Cheriton Gardens, Horwich, Bolton.

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