AN elderly couple's summer house has been badly damaged by arsonists - just yards from where a garage was set alight and destroyed at the weekend.

In the latest attack, Harold and Sarah Bentley's timber summer house on a plot of land opposite their home on Woodstock Drive, Bolton, was left badly charred.

The fire was spotted by a passing motorist who saw two youths running away just after midday yesterday.

It is believed the blaze was started by someone throwing an ignited bottle of paint into the building.

Mr Bentley said today: "It was obviously deliberate and we were fortunate someone was coming down the road and saw the fire."

Firefighters dealt with the blaze - the second in the area in three days.

As reported in last night's BEN, racists were blamed for an attack on a wooden garage on Woodstock Drive, owned by health worker Ramila Patel, on Saturday.

Three boys were seen running away from the area minutes before the fire was spotted.

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