AN unusual tug-of-musical-love has developed at a Bolton primary school between 'the two tenors' . . . and their one horn. The predicament has prevented the talented youngsters at St Peter's CE School in Farnworth from starting their own band, and has led to a desperate appeal to the public. It has been caused by a bizarre nationwide scarcity of tenor horns, believed to have developed since National Lottery handouts began.

music teacher Susan Wilding explained: "Because of lottery bids from big bands, the suppliers now cannot fulfil their orders quickly enough. And the bands themselves tend to be holding on to the old tenor horns that they have.

"This has been an ongoing situation here for 18 months. We ordered brass instruments, mainly second hand, in the hope of starting a school band.

"We ordered four cornets, one baritone and two tenor horns. But because the tenor horns were in short supply we could only get hold of one.

"Our supplier then said that because we were not a well off school he would help us out and order a new horn for us as part of the amount we were paying.

"All last year I rang asking for it, but he could not get hold of a tenor horn. I tried ringing around all the schools and bands I could think of, but no one had one going spare."

The result is that the one tenor horn the school possesses is played by two youngsters - Charlotte Fitton and Sadie Smith.

Susan added: "They have to share it. One takes it home for the first half of the week, the other for the second. Both girls are very keen, but of course do not get to practise full time.

"In addition, while we only have one tenor horn, we feel unable to start our school band. The children are young and inexperienced, and as well as being unfair to choose just one of the girls to play in the band, they are also a little too nervous to take to the stage on their own."

Anyone able to help should telephone Susan on 571554.

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