A TEENAGE bully robbed three young boys in separate attacks as they walked to school in Walkden.

He punched two of the boys and threatened to stab the third.

The boys, all aged 12, were robbed within one hour, and the thief escaped with a total of just £1.

Police patrols in the Walkden area were increased today in a bid to track down the robber.

A senior detective described the thug as "despicable."

He said the three young victims were shocked and suffered minor cuts and bruises.

Police say the boys, all pupils of St George's RC High School, Parsonage Road, Walkden, were attacked separately as they were on their way to school yesterday.

The thief, aged about 16, first confronted one of the boys in Tynesbank - less than 400 yards from the school - at 8.25am. He cycled up to the youngster who was forced to hand over his pocket money after the thief punched him.

Less than 20 minutes later another boy was robbed in the same street. The final victim was attacked and punched by the bully in Manchester Road. He was also forced to hand over his pocket money after the teenager threatened to stab him.

The boys all reported the incidents when they arrived at school.

The youth police are hunting in connection with the attacks is about 16 with lightish to blond hair. He was wearing a bob hat and riding a purple pedal cycle.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Little Hulton CID or Crimestoppers on the free phone number 0800 555 111.

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