SIR: The risk to children from vaccination continues. London researchers suggest a link between measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine and Crohn's Disease (linked to autism in children). Yet Bolton consultant Dr Aston dismisses the findings.

Must millions more babies be vaccinated before we act, continuing to risk children's lives? With CJD, possible contamination sources were withdrawn once risks were identified. Why is MMR so different?

The MMR story is disquieting:

In Sept '92 a meningitis case cluster was linked to the Mumps part of MMR. This component was withdrawn, then re-introduced. In 1994 mass vaccinations were undertaken against measles and rubella without substantial evidence of an impending outbreak. Boys were unnecessarily given the rubella part of the vaccine - why? We know that 530 children suffered severe side-effects, with unknown numbers suffering from lesser effects.

Will future generations be monitored to identify long term vaccine side effects? We already know of disabled children born to vaccinated Gulf War veterans. What if physical or mental disabilities in today's children stem from vaccination programs given to their parents?

More than 1350 parents have registered claims for compensation for damage to their children following the MMR jab. More needs to be done.

Carole Gimson,

Bankside, Westhoughton. ?

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