SIR: An Army patrol in Belfast (1992) questioned a suspicious youth, who suddenly fled. He was chased, ignored three 'stop or we fire' calls from two Scots Guardsmen, and was, regrettably, killed. A court (with no jury) convicted them of murder. Appeals are now exhausted; after nearly six years' inside.

As a Second World War veteran, I am disgusted when our soldiers, on taking the Oath of Allegiance on enlistment, offer their very lives, and in Ulster are targets in uniform for sudden death at any time, yet, after carrying out military orders, are tried for murder and given life sentences.

Even a Lord Chief Justice pleaded that, as in similar cases, a term of years be given - not mandatory life sentences - but Parliament has not listened.

The British public will never see them as murderers! Fairness and justice is needed NOW! Please help release "The Scots Guards Two" by writing to your MP for his support.

Mr J Wilkinson,

Fall Birch Road, Bolton.

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