OH BOY! Bury defender Paul Butler will have no trouble spotting his 17-month old son when he runs out in front of 30,000 fans at Manchester City tomorrow - he'll be in his arms!

Lifelong blue Butler has been waiting all season for his first ever game at his beloved Maine Road. And his big day is being made even more special by having little Paul Liam as the Shakers' mascot.

It was made possible by ex-Shaker Andy Feeley who now works in community development at Gigg Lane. "It's all thanks to Andy," said Butler. "We already had a mascot but Andy managed to sort it out that Paul could also be one.

"Because he's so young I doubt he'll go out of the tunnel with any of the other players so he'll be coming with me, sixth down the line of players as usual.

"I'm delighted because what a way to make your first visit to Maine Road. He's been to Bury a few times but I don't know how he'll react to a 30,000 crowd. He'll watch the game with my wife Caroline and he should be alright as long as he can run around."

Manchester-based Butler is also hoping to have the last laugh over his mates. "They're all Blues and they'll be phoning me up at 3am the night before and giving me stick during the game. But hopefully it won't stop us getting the points."

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