HEARTBROKEN Leigh lottery millionaire Ken White is mourning the death of his wife Sheila.

Mrs White, 64, who had a history of heart problems, died after a sudden stroke.

Her 66-year-old husband scooped £6.6 million in the National Lottery in 1995.

The father-of-three, who gave each of his sons £1 million, used his winnings to cushion his wife's final days and to allow the couple to fulfil their dreams to travel all over the world.Sheila, who had been saving her £57-a-week pension before the millions rolled in, was described as a shy woman who hated the limelight which lottery wealth had created.

Despite saying they would never leave their end-terraced Ennerdale Road home, the couple moved two months ago to Culcheth for a luxury home with a swimming pool.

Sheila was known to have had a history of heart problems and Ken also suffered a heart attack a few years ago when his haulage company went bankrupt.

Sheila's funeral took place in her native South Wales, close to a second family home which they had also recently bought.

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